Wild brotherz - thinking slow ep

The Wild Bunch is a 1969 American epic Western film directed by Sam Peckinpah about an aging outlaw gang on the Texas–Mexico border, trying to exist in the changing ...

Sykes is wounded by Deke's posse while securing spare horses. The rest of Pike's gang returns to Agua Verde for shelter, where a bacchanal celebrating the weapons transfer has commenced; they see Angel being dragged on the ground by a rope tied behind the general's car. After a brief frolic with prostitutes and a period of reflection, Pike and the gang try to forcibly persuade Mapache to release Angel, who by then was barely alive after the torture. The general appears to comply; however, as they watch, the general instead cuts Angel's throat. Pike and Engstrom angrily gun Mapache down in front of his men. For a moment, the federales are so shocked that they fail to return fire, causing Engstrom to laugh in surprise. Pike calmly takes aim at Mohr and kills him, too. This results in a violent, bloody shootout—dominated by the machine gun—in which Pike and his men are killed, along with most of Mapache's present troops and the remaining German adviser.

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Duane adapted; Gregg grew introverted. Duane was in some ways like Gregg's father, giving him direction, sometimes sheltering him, sometimes beating the shit out of him. Eventually, Duane quit school and rode his Harley-Davidson all over Daytona Beach, Florida, where the family had moved in the late Fifties. He was tall and thin, and his good looks and disposition drew girls to him. Gregg developed more slowly that way.

Wild Brotherz - Thinking Slow EPWild Brotherz - Thinking Slow EPWild Brotherz - Thinking Slow EPWild Brotherz - Thinking Slow EP